Our guaranteed Google My Business listing ranking offer is simple, but there are details.  We will work with you to select the single keyword search phrase that is best for you.  The search phrase will be geared to your service area, but must have a geographical limiter, such as “Nashville custom cabinets”, or “Franklin HVAC” or similar.  Our terms are $297.00 down to get started, and $297.00 per month for 2 more months.  At the end of month 3, if your business is not showing up in the 3 pack of local listings at the top of Google for your agreed upon search phrase, we will cease the monthly billing until we succeed in getting your result.  At the time that we succeed in getting and keeping your top 3 ranking, we will start billing you $297.00/per month ongoing.  At any time that you drop out of those top 3 results, we will cease billing you until your business returns to the top 3.  It’s that easy! 

Technical details:  Determination of top 3 ranking will be by opening a “private browser” in Google Chrome browser (or similar), and then opening the Google search page and entering the chosen geographically limited search phrase – on a desktop or laptop computer.  The private browser helps to return neutral search results and for the most part ignores search history and other information that Google retains on individual searchers and previous searches.  Mobile and tablet searches return results that are geared toward geographic location of the searcher as reported by the GPS of the phone or tablet to a large degree.  We can explore increasing mobile and tablet search rankings after a discussion of your likely customer areas at a point after we achieve the desktop and laptop 3 pack results.  

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