In today’s competitive restaurant industry, not just in Nashville but everywhere, it’s crucial for owners to find innovative ways to attract customers and stand out from the crowd. One exciting avenue to explore is augmented reality (AR), which can create immersive experiences that engage children and their parents. By incorporating dinosaurs and other animated characters into your restaurant’s AR experience, you can captivate young visitors, boost family-friendly appeal, and ultimately drive more traffic through your doors. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of embracing AR technology and how you can leverage it to increase customer engagement and loyalty.  The beauty of it is that you can initiate this experience by simply having table top displays with a QR code that parents can scan on their phones, and presto!  They and their children are immersed in a wonderland of dinosaurs running, a flying Phoenix, a hummingbird, and even a pterodactyl flying and planets floating over their heads.  No “expensive to design” app creation or download is needed – it’s all done on a website augmented reality overlay.

  1. Creating Memorable Experiences: Children are naturally drawn to interactive and imaginative experiences. By implementing an AR feature within your restaurant, you can transport young guests to a world filled with animated characters and dinosaurs. Imagine their delight as they interact with these virtual creatures, fostering an unforgettable experience that will be shared with friends and family. Creating a memorable visit will not only ensure repeat customers but also encourage word-of-mouth marketing, expanding your restaurant’s reach.
  2. Attracting Families: When parents are looking for a place to dine, they often prioritize establishments that cater to their children’s needs. By offering an AR experience featuring dinosaurs and other captivating characters, you position your restaurant as an ideal destination for family outings. Parents will appreciate your commitment to providing a fun and safe environment that engages and entertains their children. This family-friendly reputation will help you build a loyal customer base and increase the chances of positive online reviews.
  3. Differentiating Your Restaurant: With the proliferation of dining options, it can be challenging for restaurant owners to stand out from the competition. Incorporating AR technology into your establishment helps differentiate your brand, setting you apart as an innovative and forward-thinking business. The novelty and excitement surrounding an augmented reality experience will generate buzz, attracting customers who are eager to try something new and exciting. By being an early adopter of this technology, you position your restaurant as a trendsetter in the industry.
  4. Driving Sales with Discounts and Incentives: To further entice families to visit your restaurant, consider incorporating discounts and incentives within the AR experience. By featuring a video playing within the augmented reality environment that offers a discount for a specific meal or a free dessert, you create a sense of exclusivity and reward for customers. This strategy not only encourages initial visits but also drives repeat business as families return to redeem the incentives. It’s a win-win situation that helps boost your sales and customer loyalty simultaneously.
  5. Amplifying Your Online Presence: An AR experience in your restaurant is a powerful tool for generating social media buzz. Encourage guests to share their experiences on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. When children and their parents capture and post videos or images of the augmented reality characters, it creates organic advertising for your establishment. This user-generated content helps expand your reach and exposes your restaurant to new potential customers who may be enticed to visit after seeing the engaging AR content online.

Incorporating an augmented reality experience featuring dinosaurs and other animated characters (along with your restaurant logo spinning in 3D above it all!) into your restaurant presents a unique opportunity to enhance your family-friendly appeal, create memorable experiences, and drive customer engagement. By leveraging this technology, you can differentiate your restaurant, increase foot traffic, and foster customer loyalty. The combination of a captivating AR experience and enticing discounts within the augmented reality environment ensures that families will not only have a fantastic time but also keep coming back for more. Embrace augmented reality and propel your restaurant into the future of dining experiences.  Contact us today at for a no obligation demonstration and quote!