In the dynamic landscape of augmented reality (AR), WebXR stands at the forefront – offering a cutting-edge technology that allows users to experience captivating 3D encounters directly from their web browsers.  No web app needs to be downloaded, WebXR makes an augmented reality (AR) experience function in a web browser.   We basically build a web page that allows the AR experience to take temporary control (with their permission) of a user’s smart phone camera to display 3D objects and animations in an overlay over what that camera is seeing in reality, i.e. augment (or add to) their reality.  I think of it as adding a third dimension to the normal 2 dimensions that a phone or tablet screen normally displays.  We build the web AR experience and supply it to the client as a web page link, or most commonly as a QR code that the user simply scans with their phone, which opens the link, and asks their permission to use the phone camera.  Smooth, seamless and easy, with no app download necessary.

Not all AR experiences use a trigger image to launch, but a good number that we create for our clients do use a trigger image.  The trigger image can be virtually any image, including logos, product images, business card images, etc.  The business card in the video above uses a “Kanji” marker, but could easily have been a standard 2D version of the logo.  A user simply points their phone at the real life item, and the AR experience launches, providing a seamless integration of the 3D virtual world into your reality. Witness objects come to life as they interact with your surroundings, blurring the boundaries between physical and digital realms.  One of the uses of a trigger image is to launch an AR experience from your company logo.  Then customized AR experiences can be launched (coupons, loyalty rewards, special messages, etc.) can be given to individuals via a simple QR code.  You can target individuals or groups by creating their own QR code and they will be delighted to see a custom message just by pointing their phone at your logo on your website or product packaging, or whatever else you can imagine.  Nobody else will be able to see it!

The marvels of WebXR are too captivating not to share, and your clients and customers will realize this as well.  They will capture snapshots and record videos of your AR experience on their phones, sharing your company’s logo and info to their peers and associates.  Stay tuned to the next blog post to see how to put your business card on every U.S. $1.00 bill (or $20.00, or $5.00, or $10.00, or any denomination) in the world!