Plumber White Board Video

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A more customized sample video can be viewed directly on YouTube here

Other industry web commercials are available also.

 Video Ad Campaign Setup

There are over 1 BILLION YouTube viewers per month, and we can get your new web commercial in front of only those viewers who are your prospective customers.  If you’ve watched a YouTube video, you have doubtless noticed the commercials that are inserted at the start of videos and also suggested videos that come up on YouTube searches. We offer a targeted YouTube ad campaign setup service that will allow you to put your new customized video in front of prospects who are needing your services now – using these 2 methods. In addition, we can put your web commercial in ads on select websites (such as and many others).

We will include your customized video for FREE if you purchase this ad campaign setup. We will also setup your YouTube page and/or optimize it for best performance, setup/optimize your Google+ page, and setup and choose your initial target audience for the ad campaign. This can be everybody in your area of operation, or just those who are searching for your services/products or are interested in certain subjects that you specify. We will provide you weekly reports for the first month showing the exact number of viewers (try that with TV and radio) and optimize your ad targeting for best performance for one month. You will need to allocate a daily adspend budget for YouTube, and we will setup your Adwords account so that you can enter your payment method directly into it and provide you with all login information.  We suggest an adspend budget of  $10.00/day, but you can go as low as you want. Our setup fee is separate from this daily adspend budget, but views for your new web commercial can be as low as 1 penny each (they are generated on a bid/auction basis, so you may need to increase your bid if you are not receiving enough views).   You can get a LOT of eyes on your new web commercial for very little money.  At the end of the first month, you are free to continue with or setup new ad campaigns yourself (the hard work is done!), or hire us to manage it for you for a percentage of your adspend budget.

This is a tremendous value and we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this generous offer by choosing this option when buying your video. You will get your new web video/commercial for free! Please call us if you have any questions, Toll Free (877) 659-WEB1. This offer is for a very limited time, so act now!


Ad Campaign with FREE web commercial video