Rapid Dialer

Rapid Dialer Sequential Dialing System

If you are in a business that would benefit from calling prospective clients, and yet you despise having to do it – you should check out Rapid Dialer!

Most small business owners and sales people realize they could dramatically improve their profits by calling prospective clients on the phone. At the same time, they cannot force themselves to do it. The phone turns into lead, and the tediousness of repeatedly dialing all of those numbers and then having to concentrate on their script is just too much.

Our Rapid Dialer system makes this worthwhile chore 100% easier. We provide you with ONE local phone number that you dial, and the Rapid Dialer will sequentially dial all of the prospects on your list and let you speak live to each prospect. To hang up and go to the next number, you just hit the * button. There will be a 5 second delay between calls allowing time to take notes, and then the next number is automatically dialed. You can easily knock out 10, 25, 50, or even 100 calls in no time. If you only did 10 prospecting calls per day – what a huge impact this could have on your bottom line every year!

To hear a demonstration of this unique system, please call 1-615-645-1103. You will hear the system dial 2 recorded message lines for demonstration only, and the third call will be to a live operator to answer any questions you may have. If the operator is unavailable, just leave a message and we’ll return your call. If you would rather hear a demo of your own prospects, simply email up to 10 prospects names, company names, location, and phone numbers to “sales@cumberlandcomm.com”. We will contact you back when the system is loaded with your prospect’s information and you can use the system for a live demonstration on your actual prospects at no cost. You will be amazed at how your productivity and profits will soar with this powerful tool!

Call (615) 645-1103 for a demo now, or email your prospect list to sales@cumberlandcomm.com!