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Birthday Club

Your customers will be thrilled to sign up for a free gift on their birthday (or anniversary, or whatever special day you want to base it on).  This gift can be as simple as a discount code for a product or service purchase, or a free item.  These forms are easily customized to your specific needs.  When your customer signs up, they are joining your email marketing list and giving you permission to email them with other offers or alerts to get them into your business!  This is a great idea for curing slow days and seasons, and it also insures that the prospect will come in at least once on their birthday to retrieve their small gift.  If you’re in the restaurant business, this is particularly effective since nobody dines alone on their birthday.  Once they are in your business, there are opportunities for upselling and cross-selling other products and services.  You must stay in touch with your customers to keep them coming back to you, or your competition will.  There is no easier way to get started than this.  We will set the program up for you so that the Birthday Club is fully automated – your customer will be automatically emailed your gift coupon just before their birthday.  We will provide you with the graphics, the simple cut and paste HTML code to put onto your website (or do if for you if you like), and even provide graphics and a QR Code for your printer so that you can print forms for your store or facility.  All for $97.00 for the entire year.  Your cost is pennies per day for the Birthday Club, and this will increase your business!  

Get started on the road to engaging your customers and increased profits today!

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