Strategy can be defined as your organization’s over arching mission. In the case of a business, your strategy can likely best be summed up as your mission statement, and if you scratch the surface of that a little bit – at least some of that could probably be condensed down to – “make more money by better serving more customers more efficiently”.

Tactics are the individual actions that you take that help you achieve your overall strategy. One of the best tactics for businesses to use to help achieve their strategy is to dominate their competition in the arena of internet presence. This is the most cost effective way to address the “more customers” part of our condensed business strategy.

Our Premium Service Package can achieve internet presence domination for your business by providing an SEO and conversion optimized website, an ongoing SEO plan, social media presence and management (including Google My Business listing), internet video production and SEO optimization, 360° photography and Google Street View virtual tour, and several other “tactics” that we use to achieve our overall “strategy”of making your business the dominant player in your market. If this makes sense to you for your business, reach out today! (615) 823-7675, Toll Free: (877) 659-WEB1